Friday, January 7, 2011

Devil with Attichude!

I guess young boys love to draw anything that's fire a brimstone. As for my fantastic nephew Ryley and one banana smoothie later, I'm faced with his interpretation of what the devil would look like to him.

Discriptoin (description)of my Devil, by Ryley.
Attichude ( attitude) - angry and mean
Colour- red body wight (white) horns, black beard, chest hair, arm pit heras (hairs) and howvse (hooves).
What he wears- sunglasses and blue shorts.
Has a 17 pack of abs and two clestwoon (?)and muscles on each side.
P.s smokes a segared (cigar).

Well this devil certainly has attichude!

Its a bit like Chronicles of Narnia meets suburban 'Bogan' meets the Godfather.
Thankyou Ryley for your super awesome imagination and drawing skills. xx
P.S I love the way the devil is delicately holding a flower. :)