Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jimmy Muscle

Awesome bike huh! And guess who owns it?..... My mum and her husband. Yes, the folks like to ride around in style no matter the age. The bike is rather of the original kind because of its second dinky seat at the back. It was adopted into our family last year and only this year it was given a name. 'Jimmy Muscle', this name come about when my brother was given one of mum's knitted toys that she created earlier in life, it was then my brother come up with the name. Although legend has it, the name Jimmy Muscle come from a older source, possibly my grandfather. Anyhow, This awesome bike has had its first movie debut on a local independent short film called Tepid, created by On Track Productions. It was a humble little night down at F.T.I. I like to support small local get togetherness like this that help keep people interested in the arts or crazy Grandma bicycles.
I took a few more photos of the old Woolstores just next door. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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  1. Actually Jimmy Mussel [sic] did originate from the mind of John Henry Sims. It was one of the many colourful sobriquets and call signs he had - possibly from his trade as a London cabbie. I'm sure a lot was picked up from that! Your gran cannot remember how the phrase came about, but I seem to recall that he was wont to use it when poking gentle fun at one or other of his sons. I think it stuck most with Paul.