Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I love working in Cafes as they bring in an array of strange characters. There is this one particular man who I dedicate this post to. Himself and another chap discovered the infection by some unidentified spiral bacterium, Helicobacter pylori, caused gastritis-associated dyspepsia and ulcers, which also increased the risk of stomach cancer.
The amusing thing about this chap is that everyday without fail that we are open, he comes in for a coffee, sits and reads the news paper until we close shop. What makes this guy stand out? Well when you first meet him you think that he might be homeless. He won't wear shoes and always has his shirt completely unbuttoned with his rough cargo shorts and quite happily lays on our couch with his feet up. If you take a closer look you realise that a homeless man wouldn't really carry four Mont Blanc pens in his shirt pocket. I just love that he doesn't give two hoots what someone thinks of him and his odd little world. Quite frankly, I admire his non conformist dress sense and quite ramblings. This world wouldn't complete without a few so called 'odd' characters. Dr Robin Warren, this picture by J.J Grandville humbly represents you. :)

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