Sunday, August 29, 2010

a la Mediatheque

'Library', translates to Mediatheque in French. This can be lost in translation. The French still use the word Library but it stands for 'book shop'. So if you are expecting to borrow some books from a public service, please be aware of this fact. You do not want a crazy French person chasing you for money. So I decided to visit La Mediatheque. Its a rather grand place, although I didn't get to see most of it. I couldn't get past the graphic novel section that takes up most of the first floor.
The French are obsessed with the graphic novel culture. Its the largest section in any book store as well. You can always find people of all ages enjoying this counter culture. Its not an odd site to see old grannies having a good parooze through a graphic novel too.
I thought it would be a great idea to study up on some good illustrators. These two drawings I did were inspired by some of the best. The boy is very similar to my favourite illustrator, Adrian Tomine. I advise you to check out some french cartoonists Winshluss- 'Pinnochio', and Matteo and Zidrou- 'La Meche Rebelle'.

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