Monday, February 28, 2011

Paris 1974

Every year we get older and our folks do to. This year my dear mother hit her '30+30' birthday year. And for a lady who really doesn't like clutter or many bits and bobs, I was a little stuck for ideas. Pouring through some old photos it occurred to me that an appropriate gift would be to paint a picture of my mother. Now what do you paint? A picture of her at her dear older age of 60? Or maybe a golden era of her youth?
The most inspiring photo of my mother, is a picture of her walking up the Montmartre stairs in Paris February 1974. Its downward view into a winter bound city shows its beautiful perspective of that romantique capitale. Oh how I do like a little romance in life. Maybe that's why I was living in France for the last year and a half. Yes, I think this photo of my travel curious mother inspired me greatly.
So for this lovely 60th birthday surprise I used water colour paint, student grade and a unknown paper given to me by a dear French friend of mine.
Bonne Anniversaire ma mere.

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