Wednesday, March 9, 2011

By the river

Whhooo.... what a week!
It was my first week at uni and back into study. The last time I was at uni was 7 years ago. The the driving force of me going back is for that fancy piece of paper and some acquired knowledge. Well, I'm super excited to be playing the role of student again because all my classes are based around creative thinking. So I put my thinking cap on this weekend and worked my way through the processes of creativity. I have to produce 5 works portraying my views on the trigger text, 'restrict' and 'collar'. ( I will elaborate on this process during another post) And also produce 20 photos in narrative form evolved around the text, 'Retreat'.
So I got my trusty Vivienne view ( Olympus SP-57OUZ ) out for some happy snaps.
These images are unrelated to my homework for uni, yet there are some pretty lovely shots of Perth river during sunset.
The building amongst these photos was going to be turned into an art gallery but politics got in the way and now is just sitting there all lonesome. Must get more details on this. :)

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