Friday, October 1, 2010

Animal Crackers In My Soup

You will have to excuse me for over blogging today. Its stormy outside and there is a coffee in my hand. This equals creative flow of the third kind.
Yesterday I had lunch with a dear friend of mine. She always makes a beautiful spread of fine french food. After a big serving of gateaux au chocolate we shared photos and music together. We started talking about musicals and my days of listening to jazz being practiced at the art academy. My friend decided that I had to listen to a classic song by Shirley Temple. For some reason I've never been a huge fan, yet I have great appreciation, especially after hearing 'Animal Crackers In My Soup'. This Clip reminds me of the three girls I care for at work. They love to sing at the dinner table. Today is my last day working with them as I will be heading back to Australia. I will miss hearing them singing as I iron clothes or make dinner. I dedicate this you lovely ladies. x
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  1. such a cutie she is! just found your blog on sometimes sweet. jealous of anyone living in france. so, hi!