Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poulette of choice

Chickens are the future pet that gives back to you. My mum and her husband recently bought 4 pet chickens that are slowly revealing their personalities. It took a while to get the peaking order like most teenage females of any species, but now they are living in harmony after a couple of weeks. We can learn from the humble chicken, for example, remembering to eat our greens and take some time to roost. I'm a tad disappointed though as I like to cuddle chickens, their cuddles remind me of hugging your grandmother, strange but true.( my grandmother had chickens too). Also on New Years Eve at a party in France I remember a friend of friend who invited his pet chicken along for the party. Yes, Les poulettes like to their groove on and party the new year in too. I have a photo to prove it. Its another seven years till its the Chinese New Year of the rooster, so lets get our poulet on and become sustainable house holds with our beloved chickens and make the most of 2017.

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